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Tangeant is a holistic consulting firm with a focus in hospitality and work-space environments.

At Tangeant, we believe that when the right people and ideas are brought together, we can create experiences that influence and inspire. As such, we partner with those who best complement our expertise to curate exceptional experiences.

As a result, we are able to bridge the gap between expectations and success; intentionality and results, across the hospitality and work-space categories.


We consult where the challenge is big and the outcome transformational.

We consult, advise, and partner with businesses that want to make a difference; and co-create meaningful experiences, products, and services, that impact, challenge, and improve user experience across the hospitality and work-space industries.


We believe people achieve great things when trusted, given freedom, and the opportunity to make a difference.

Specifically, our work culture allows us to achieve greater results from passionate people working together. This approach makes us more flexible, creative, and fun to work with.


Our business partners are an extension of who we are and an integral part of our success.

Like us, they too trust in the power of collaboration, where there is no place for “brilliant jerks”. Instead, we share a similar culture and hold each other accountable to a higher standard.

As no two projects are the same, and complexities in most instances are greater than the scope of work, we selectively partner with thought-provoking, creatively leading companies and individuals to deliver exceptional results.


We are colleagues and friends with common goals and a shared vision. Rather than our individual profiles, we are defined by what we can bring to the table together, as a whole. Despite a consultancy category filled with rock stars and prima donnas, we are first - a team.
Our journey humbly began with waiting tables and doing our mise en place. With a share of good luck and hard work, accompanied by the help of our amazing mentors and managers, we were able to capitalize on great opportunities and climb the ladder towards successful careers.
Throughout the years, combined, we have lived in over 20 countries and led thousands of employees across 36 territories. We have opened and refurbished more than a dozen hotels and over 50 restaurants , including those within hotels, as well as stand alone. We have successfully managed multi-million dollar budgets, celebrated several Michelin Stars and collaborated with some of the most respected minds in the culinary, beverage, architectural and design worlds.
Collectively, our careers span over 70 years of experience with companies like Aman, Four Seasons, Google, Mandarin Oriental, St. Regis, and more.